Opinion: Kenyan Elections

April 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

If Nations deserve their leaders then Kenyans deserve their misery. In many ways, Kenya has not moved on. People lined up to vote along tribal lines and not issues. The elections brought back the very real risks of tribal violence that rocked the country in 2007-2008 after disputed poll results that saw deaths of more than 1000 people, widespread sexual violence against women and over 600,000 people displaced. To date, not a single person has been held account. Naivasha and Kiambaa will forever remain shrines of impunity and negative ethnicity.

kenyaTribal politics is still King around here even among the elites as was openly displayed during the election petition at the Supreme Court where the petitioners and the respondents chose members of their tribes to represent them in court. Tension among the many tribes isn’t far from the surface.  Instead of focusing on issues such as unemployment, poverty etc,.. the vote boiled down to the tribal affiliations of the candidates. Kenya is marching towards a path of self-destruction with the tribal undertones rife. The majority of Kenyans still have to grapple with daily challenges, like unemployment, poverty, access to electricity, access to education and health services.

ukenyattaIn order to succeed, Kenya will have to learn from history, and urge the political elites to accept that a higher quality of governance, attention to social issues and employment, and the abstention from manipulating tribalism and ethnic violence. Who was it again that said we don’t learn from history. I think he was right.


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