Central Africa Republic: On The Brink

May 8, 2014 § Leave a comment

“Everybody deserves to die, as far as someone is concerned.” These words best describe the situation in Central African Republic Capital, Bangui. Nearly every one there wants somebody dead. It is a City of overlapping vendetta’s. Everyone there is nursing a lethal grudge. What started as a rebel coalition overthrowing a corrupt dictatorship has now become a conflict split across religious lines.

Seleka-rebelsThe Seleka rebels overthrew Bozize and set about terrorizing the country; looting, raping and murdering. The Central Africa Republic didn’t have a history of religious conflict but the rise of the Seleka rebels made up of mostly Muslims triggered a lot of resentment among the Christians majority who blame the Muslims for the Seleka actions. The Seleka rebels have inspired such a strong level of hate such that innocent Muslims were being butchered as revenge by the Anti-Balaka.seleka

For a long time, it was Christians who felt persecuted but now the tables have turned. Revenge is a full time business in Bangui nowadays and the Anti-Balaka rebels have their hands full; scores to settle, Muslims to kill. French and African Peacekeepers are trying to stop the bloodshed but they are out numbered. Muslims still remaining in the city are under siege. Desperate to escape, ready to die trying. Bangui,  a city which had about 130,000 Muslims a few months ago now has slightly over 1,000.  Its time sanity prevailed and compromise prevailed. The international community must do more to prevent a full blown genocide in this tiny forgotten African Country.


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